Kids love to come to Kiddy Cuts 

Why take your kids to an adult hair salon when you can take them to one that has been created just for children? 

Kiddy Cuts has been designed especially for children so that they, and you, can relax in a fun atmosphere. You will be delighted with our hexagon-style shapes and colourful interior.

Let the kids loose in the play area that will keep them occupied until it’s their turn to have a haircut.

You will be amazed at how happy your child will be sitting in either our racing car or one of our booster-styled salon chairs, whilst being distracted and engaged in their favourite show on the wall-mounted TV screens.

Our ‘Kiddy Cutters’ will keep your child totally occupied throughout their hair experience so that when it is time to go, don’t be surprised if they turn to you with a big smile and ask “When can I come back again”?

By the way, our salon’s look and feel has also been successfully tested on our young teen customers and we have been given the thumbs up!

Bring your kids to Kiddy Cuts. Everyone will feel very welcome.