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Head Lice Happens!

Watch Dr Itchy in this 2 minute educational video about head lice

 How serious is the head lice problem at schools?

Head lice are one of the most commonly reported health complaints from parents and teachers. The NSW Health Nitbuster program has found that when sampled, more than 23 per cent of primary school aged children in New South Wales had head lice.

Infestations appear to be on the increase due to factors such as:

  • – resistance to the common chemicals used in head lice ‘over the counter’ products
  • – inappropriate use of the treatments to remove head lice
  • – changing social and school practices such as the use of hats to protect against the sun which  children inadvertently share with each other.

While head lice are not known to carry disease, they are a nuisance for parents and children. The social stigma associated with head lice infestation can affect children’s comfort and ability to learn in the classroom. Unsuccessful treatments can frustrate parents and lead them to seek more desperate measures that may be harmful and ineffective.

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If your School or Centre is experiencing a lice infestation, please call the salon on 8385 6454 to arrange for a Kiddy Cuts lice specialist to come and check the children’s hair.